All About LUKI & the Lights

Sascha and Anjo had to explain ALS/MND to their young kids when dad (age 35) was diagnosed with a form of ALS/MND - in a way that was accessible, fun and thoughtful. So, they created LUKi!

LUKi is a robot full of life and lights! He has friends and love to play soccer, until one day he gets ALS/MND. His friends help care for him and support him every step of the way.

LUKi & the Lights is a silent film - using no language, only sound, to tell the story of LUKi and ALS/MND. That way, children and families around the world can easily watch it!

Using the latest in visual technology, the film serves as a platform for children and families to discuss ALS/MND and share with others.

So many people helped create LUKi and the Lights - including Big Grin and a huge team of artists, and Dr. Kavanaugh and Global Neuro YCare. They all made LUKi so everyone can share his story!!

We are especially grateful for our partnership with the ALS Association, whose generous financial support made finalizing the film possible!

LUKI & the Lights Movie Trailer

Shine a light on ALS/MND - Be a light for LUKi!

Your support allows us to translate LUKi materials, bringing LUKi to children around the world

A group of people standing next to each other.
A book cover with three robots on it.

COMING SOON!! LUKI film and educational materials

LUKI animated short film
Watch the film with your family or ALS/MND organization

Coloring and Activity Book
Follow along with the film, or color at your own pace!

Professional and Family Materials
Use these materials to guide the discussion of LUKi and his friends, what is ALS, and answer FAQ's.

Meet the people who made LUKi & the Lights!

A man and woman smiling for the camera.

Anjo and Sascha - Creators, LUKi & the Lights

A man with a beard and mustache smiling for the camera.

Toby Chochran, CEO, Founder Big Grin productions

A man with a beard and mustache smiling for the camera.

Andrian Ochoa, Producer, Writer

A woman with glasses and short hair wearing a floral shirt.

Melinda S. Kavanaugh, PhD, LCSW President GNYC, Producer, LUKi & the Lights

A woman with blonde hair and glasses smiling.

Janna Brower-Schouten, Producer