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Welcome to the YCare program!

A skills and support program for children and youth who provide care for persons living with an illness or injury.

YCare program Fact sheet

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Why YCare?

Children and youth around the world help take care of a person with an illness or injury. They help with bathing, feeding, toileting, medications, among many other care tasks. But they do this with little training and support - and with few peers.

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What is YCare?

Day long, modular program providing children and youth with hands-on training and support. They move through different sessions alongside other peers, allowing them to build support while they learn - all in a fun environment.

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Who delivers YCare?

A multidisciplinary team of health care professionals, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, social work, respiratory therapy, speech therapy and neurology.

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YCare across disorders

YCare has been delivered in ALS/MND, Alzheimer's and related dementias and Autism.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wherever is convenient for the children and their families. We have conducted YCare in churches, community centers, clinics, and hotels.

Not at all. We have adapted the entire program for the South African context, and translated all materials into 4 South African Languages!

Yes they do. Providers receive a professional training and a professional guide in the program.

Aside from new friends and skills?? Yes they do. They also get a handbook that follows the full YCare program.

Absolutely. We have several papers supporting the need for YCare, as well as tests of the YCare programs.

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